Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting


GDP provides consulting services to corporate investors. We are able to provide cost-effective and timely consulting, on both short term and longer duration projects. GDP's specialised team is available to you for as long as you need. Our consultants offer many years of international corporate experience in a broad range of business areas.

The research team will uncover your opportunities as they exist today. Our services are charged on terms that suit you, ranging from regular monthly fees to success fees and equity participation.


Our services are grouped into these main categories:

  • Corporate marketing strategies, which includes:
    • Market analyses
    • Innovative diversification strategies and
    • Preparation of business plans
  • Market development strategy, which includes:
    • Global location search
    • Sector analyses
    • Negotiating investment incentives
    • Business and technology partnering and acquisition
    • Raising private finance
    • Identification of specialist business advice
    • Establishing in the new market


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